From Sciences Po to UCLA

By Margot Catteau My experience at UCLA as an exchange student from Sciences Po is very exciting. Concerning the class format, one very challenging thing for me as a French student is participating in class. Indeed, here you are constantly asked about your opinion, ideas and questions, and it is clearly something I am not […]

Governing the Large Metropolis: Sciences Po – UCLA Luskin Exchange Program

By Victor Ansley, MURP ’17 As one of the first students to get the chance to participate in the UCLA Luskin – SciencesPo Paris master’s exchange program, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend a semester in Paris while also engaging with a uniquely complementary curriculum at SciencesPo. First off, being in an […]

The U.S. Presidential Election and Global Public Affairs: Beyond Wonkery and Demagoguery

By Michael Storper, Director of GPA, FCL of Global Processes and Institutions, Professor of Urban Planning  There are many ostensible differences between the view of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with respect to the global involvements of the USA and the global order in general. We could say that Trump is skeptical about the multilateral […]

Saying Farewell to the Island

By Diego De La Peza, MPP ’17 On my last day interning at the Instituto de Sexualidad Humana, I decided to walk back regardless of the rain that had just started. I was filled with conflicted emotions: happy about my overall experience and still on a sugar rush from all the cake from a goodbye […]

Anatomy of a Parliamentary Coup D’etat

By Alberto C. Lourenço-Pereira, PhD (ABD) Urban Planning ’90 On Aug. 31 the Brazilian Senate voted 61 to 20 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff of the Worker’s Party (PT), who had been reelected in 2014 with more than 54 million votes. Vice President Michel Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) will be the […]

Mapping for Transparency

By Kate Traynor, MURP ’17 The bargain for Bangalore’s recent economic ascendance as India’s IT capital came with untold city planning problems. A new challenge revealed itself this summer when flooding from heavy rains wreaked widespread property damage. In response, the city moved to clear encroachments on storm water drains, articulating the cause and effect […]

‘Don’t Privatize My Private Property’

By Jordan Fraade, MURP ’17 Every day, I see them on the streets of my neighborhood: Men wearing baggy t-shirts and baseball caps, standing guard over every inch of curb space they can find, waving red washcloths and shouting “Viene, viene!” to passing drivers. For those accustomed to the sacred right of free on-street parking, […]

Peatoniños: Liberating the Streets for Children and Play

By Gus Wendel, MURP ’17 “Las calles no son para los niños. Las calles estan donde van los autos, entonces son para los autos”. It can be difficult to convince someone that the street belongs to people, not cars. Harder still is convincing a parent of three children that the street can be a safe […]

Dominican Republic: More than Just a Tourist Attraction

By Diego De La Peza, MPP ’17 It has been a month since I arrived to Santo Domingo, and although I have become accustomed to my daily routine, every day I find myself being amazed by a new aspect of the city. I found through my daily 20-minute walk that walking is not the norm. […]

Settling in and Finding My Way

By Jennifer Jiries, MSW ’17 The past few weeks have flown by so quickly so that it hardly seems possible that I am more than half way through my time in Delhi.  When I first arrived the weeks stretched out before me seeming endless, giving me the sense that I had plenty of time to […]