The Great Indian Cash Purge

By Vinit Mukhija, FCL of Global Urbanization and Regional Development, Professor of Urban Planning  While the United States was shaken up by the unexpected election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, India also received some surprising news on November 8th. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who in a recent New York Times op-ed was […]

Finding the Global in Central America: A Conversation with Susan Kandel

The following interview is an edited transcription of a conversation with Luskin alumna Susan Kandel (MA UP ’95) What led you to pursue a Masters degree in Planning in Regional and International Development urban planning, and why did you choose to study at UCLA? I began to consider UCLA’s urban planning program back in the […]

The State of European Cities 2016

Michael Storper, Director of GPA, FCL of Global Processes and Institutions, Professor of Urban Planning at Luskin, wrote the background paper for Chapter 3 of The State of European Cities 2016, a report published as a Commission Staff Working Document with the agreement of UN-Habitat. The reports sheds light on Europe’s unfolding demographic, economic, mobility, societal […]

Studying Abroad In My Own Country

By Will Cox I am an exchange student studying abroad in my own country. As an American entering a Masters program at Sciences Po Paris, I was confronted in my first year by the diversity of opinions held by students hailing from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. These opinions made me question my preconceived notions […]

From Sciences Po to UCLA

By Margot Catteau My experience at UCLA as an exchange student from Sciences Po is very exciting. Concerning the class format, one very challenging thing for me as a French student is participating in class. Indeed, here you are constantly asked about your opinion, ideas and questions, and it is clearly something I am not […]

Governing the Large Metropolis: Sciences Po – UCLA Luskin Exchange Program

By Victor Ansley, MURP ’17 As one of the first students to get the chance to participate in the UCLA Luskin – SciencesPo Paris master’s exchange program, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend a semester in Paris while also engaging with a uniquely complementary curriculum at SciencesPo. First off, being in an […]

The U.S. Presidential Election and Global Public Affairs: Beyond Wonkery and Demagoguery

By Michael Storper, Director of GPA, FCL of Global Processes and Institutions, Professor of Urban Planning  There are many ostensible differences between the view of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with respect to the global involvements of the USA and the global order in general. We could say that Trump is skeptical about the multilateral […]

Saying Farewell to the Island

By Diego De La Peza, MPP ’17 On my last day interning at the Instituto de Sexualidad Humana, I decided to walk back regardless of the rain that had just started. I was filled with conflicted emotions: happy about my overall experience and still on a sugar rush from all the cake from a goodbye […]

Anatomy of a Parliamentary Coup D’etat

By Alberto C. Lourenço-Pereira, PhD (ABD) Urban Planning ’90 On Aug. 31 the Brazilian Senate voted 61 to 20 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff of the Worker’s Party (PT), who had been reelected in 2014 with more than 54 million votes. Vice President Michel Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) will be the […]

Mapping for Transparency

By Kate Traynor, MURP ’17 The bargain for Bangalore’s recent economic ascendance as India’s IT capital came with untold city planning problems. A new challenge revealed itself this summer when flooding from heavy rains wreaked widespread property damage. In response, the city moved to clear encroachments on storm water drains, articulating the cause and effect […]