An Alumni Q&A with Ramiro Alberto Ríos MA UP ’10

Ramiro Alberto Ríos (Urban Planning M.A. 2010) is a Transport Consultant at the World Bank who specializes in urban and sustainable transport. His most recent project includes the development of an Urban Rail Project Implementation Guidebook to inform decision makers and Metro implementing agencies about the most important issues and challenges of planning, constructing, operating […]

The (Media)m is the Message

By Victor Ansley, MURP ’17 Heading into the home stretch of winter quarter of my final year as a MURP, I have recently spent some time reflecting on my experience at Luskin after spending the previous quarter participating in the inaugural Sciences Po-UCLA Masters exchange. Engrossed with Parisian academic and social life, I wrote on […]

An Alumni Q&A with Aravind Moorthy PhD Economics ’12, MPP ’06

Aravind Moorthy (PhD Economics 2012, MPP 2006) is a development economist at Mathematica Policy Research who specializes in designing and conducting experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations. He has studied programs in Senegal, Uganda, Rwanda, India, and the US, and works in a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture, education, climate change, land tenure, labor, and finance. […]

On Oil States and Ethics; on Circuses and Bread! Bring on the Clowns, Bring on the Kleptocrats

By Susanna Hecht, FCL of Global Environment and Resources, Professor of Urban Planning  My late friend Bill Woods, a famous archeologist, and a big burly guy in the way that Midwesterners are big and burly had a frantic and actually pathetic fear of clowns. I know that “mean” clowns are all the rage these days, […]

An Alumni Q&A with Urban Advocate Dave Mason ’11

Dave Mason received his doctorate in urban and regional planning from UCLA in 2011, and has over nine years of experience in research and practice related to land and housing, urban poverty and slums and urban service delivery. He currently works as an Urban Specialist with the World Bank where his work covers two areas. […]

Sciences Po, Paris, and a Change of Scenery

By David Fenn, MURP ’17 After four years of a Southern California, UC, and American perspectives on urban planning and transportation issues (undergrad at UC San Diego and my first year at UCLA Luskin), coming to Sciences Po in Paris has been a breath of fresh air. The academic approach is more theoretical and the […]

California Dreamin’: A French Perspective

By Lily Munson We do not have this kind of space, we do not have this many trees, we do not display so much enthusiasm. I would not say people are less welcoming in Paris, but they definitely show it less. From a French perspective, the UCLA campus, along with the city of LA, represents a […]

The Great Indian Cash Purge

By Vinit Mukhija, FCL of Global Urbanization and Regional Development, Professor of Urban Planning  While the United States was shaken up by the unexpected election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, India also received some surprising news on November 8th. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who in a recent New York Times op-ed was […]

Finding the Global in Central America: A Conversation with Susan Kandel

The following interview is an edited transcription of a conversation with Luskin alumna Susan Kandel (MA UP ’95) What led you to pursue a Masters degree in Planning in Regional and International Development urban planning, and why did you choose to study at UCLA? I began to consider UCLA’s urban planning program back in the […]

The State of European Cities 2016

Michael Storper, Director of GPA, FCL of Global Processes and Institutions, Professor of Urban Planning at Luskin, wrote the background paper for Chapter 3 of The State of European Cities 2016, a report published as a Commission Staff Working Document with the agreement of UN-Habitat. The reports sheds light on Europe’s unfolding demographic, economic, mobility, societal […]