Complexities and Opportunities in Global Public Health

By Chris Odell, MPP ’11 Public health is complicated; really complicated. Government, private sector, and social systems all interact with massive international market forces – hopefully informed by science and research – to literally save lives and prevent suffering. In the past 30 years this field has seen some amazing successes – twice as many […]

“Learning While Doing” at a Social Business Think Tank in Thailand

By Robert Gibbons, MPP ’20 My time working abroad this summer was a deeply rewarding and highly educational experience. The opportunity to engage in meaningful work in South East Asia allowed me to learn about the region’s nonprofit and NGO culture while also offering a chance to build my network by interacting with seasoned international […]

Rooted in Humanity

By Brenda Torres, MSW ’20 Medellin is a beautiful city in Colombia famously known as the land of eternal spring and known for beautiful landscapes, amazing coffee, and the kind and proud paisas that live there. I had the pleasure of calling this city home for two months this summer as I interned at the […]

Women’s Land Rights and Coalition Building in Tanzania

By Jesslyn Mitchell-Laguna, MPP ’20 This summer I had the pleasure of working for Landesa Tanzania building a coalition for Women’s Land Rights, connecting a global campaign to local initiatives. Dar Es Salaam, the coastal city in east Africa where Landesa opened their first regional office, is a historical and beautiful place to spend the […]

Bringing Visibility to Homeless Individuals in Medellin, Colombia

By Patricia Santamaria, MSW ’20 This summer, I was granted the opportunity to complete an international internship at a non-profit organization named Fundación Visibles in Medellin, Colombia. Fundación Visibles is committed to bringing visibility to the issue of homelessness in Medellin, as well as creating an awareness for the needs of disadvantaged populations in the […]

Mexico City: Planning for Transportation Equity

By Liliana Morales, MURP ’20 When deciding where I would intern this summer, I knew that working in my native Mexico would significantly shape my internship experience as a Chicana student. Even though I grew up in the U.S., I maintained a close connection to family in Mexico, continued our cultural traditions, and primarily spoke […]

An MSW in Medellín

By Mariana Campiño Ruiz, MSW ’20 I had the blessing of being born in a country full of contrasts, full of folklore, full of beauty. A country that has an extensive history of violence, pain and injustice and, despite this, portrays an incomparable joy. I am a proud Colombian. I say that statement with all […]

Social Justice-Oriented Social Work in Bogotá

By Olivia Miller, MSW ’20 Bogotá, the Colombian capital of 10 million habitants, is a diverse city. And yet here, many languages are shared – ones born of fights for justice, of generations of discrimination, of forced displacement, of a 50-year civil war. Here, the word “diversity” is not a token term for inclusivity but […]

A Summer at UN Habitat in Mexico City

By Mehnaz Tasnim, MURP ’20 The past two months of living in and experiencing Mexico City has been nothing short of amazing and invigorating. The fascinating historical and cultural context throughout the country has been nostalgic in many ways due to my combined childhood upbringing in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Rome, Italy. The historic architecture and […]

Finding a Global Grad Student Community on a Rural University Campus in Kenya

By Charlotte Fagan, MURP ’20 This summer with the support of Global Public Affairs and Hilton Summer Scholars, I interned at the Center for Public Sector Reform in Kesses, Kenya. The Center for Public Sector Reform (CPSR) is a think-tank based at Moi University, which is one of the largest public universities in Kenya. CPSR […]

Global Public Affairs in D.C.

by Landy Joseph, MURP ’20 and Madeleine Sims, MURP ’20 The trip to DC was full of lessons and inspiration that will continue to serve as fuel for us to push forward in the pursuit of our passions for entering the field of global work. At the end of a four-day jam-packed itinerary, a once […]

Discovering the Culture of International Development Organizations

by Candice Richardson, MPP ’20 Over Spring Break, I had the opportunity to go to DC over the spring break and meet with individuals at many different international organizations, including NGO’s, think tanks, non-profits, and government agencies. Most of the organizations we met with were primarily focused on international development; although some were also domestically […]