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Paavo Monkkonen

Susanna Hecht’s recent book, Scramble for the Amazon and the Lost Paradise of Euclides da Cunha won the  Eleanor Melville Award for best book in Latin American  environmental history from the American Historical Association, and the Carl O Sauer Award.

Susanna Hecht

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Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld

(1) Institutions and Investment in Natural Resources:

Evidence from Liberia
In two complementary projects, we are looking at how institutions — both property rights and community-based monitoring — affect investments in land and forest resources.
(2) Property Rights, Investment, and Local Fiscal Capacity:
Evidence from Colombia
We are studying the effects of helping squatters formalize their property rights. More secure tenure could enable individual investment and promote tax compliance.

Darin Christensen

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Under Review
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Room for Water?
Urban Adaptation and Uneven Development in Jakarta.”
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Kian Goh

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Author: Randall K.Q. Akee, William E. Copeland, Gordon Keeler, Adrian Angold, and E. Jane Costello

Young Adult Obesity and Household Income: Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers
Author: Randall Akee, Emilia Simeonova, William Copeland, Adrian Angold, and E. Jane Costello

Randall Akee

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Latoya Small

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Amy Ritterbusch

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Leyla Karimli

Bride Price and Female Education (with Nava Ashraf, Nathan Nunn, and Alessandra Voena), Forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy.

Teacher Value-Added in a Low-Income Country (with Jishnu Das), Forthcoming in  AEJ: Economic Policy. Formerly distributed as “The Misallocation of Pay and Productivity in the Public Sector: Evidence from the Labor Market for Teachers.”
Working paper with more discussion of contract teacher policy.

Natalie Bau

Research forthcoming.

Liz Koslov