The Urban Planning Challenges of Language in India

By Sonia Suresh My favorite phrase in Hindi is Main ghum gahee hoo. Aside from being to fun to say, it comes in handy because it means “I’m lost.” Of course, getting lost — whether because of culture or geography — is all in the adventure of being in a new country. However I came […]

Ciudad Posible: Exploring Urban Innovation in Latin America

By Ribeka Toda, MURP ’18 In the MURP program, one of the biggest frustrations can be the disconnection between academia and practice. Discussing brilliant ideas for improving our cities with the brightest people can be exhilarating until faced with the reality of influencing public policy. For example, Professor Donald Shoup has been teaching generations of […]

The Sun-Moon Divide: Gender Inequality in India

By Tanya Honey, MPP ’18 Navigating the streets of the world’s second-most-populated city and “rape capital” has been challenging as a woman. Whether it was staying home after it gets dark, taking the “Women’s Only” coach, or walking down the street alone without having men stare at you, the only conclusion I reached is that […]

New Connections, New Horizons: Spring Break in D.C.

By Susan Oh, MPP ’17 For the final spring break of my MPP program, I was incredibly lucky to travel to Washington D.C. with Professor Steve Commins and five other Luskin students to visit a number of NGOs, international aid and development organizations, and research institutions, including the World Bank, USAID, Aspen Institute and Mathematica, […]

Reflexive Use of Urban Space: from Los Angeles to Mexico City

By Alejandro Mercado, PhD Urban Planning ’04 I moved to Los Angeles more than twenty years ago and lived there for five years during my PhD studies at UCLA. The impact that my stay in Los Angeles had on my personal life and professional career is still present to this day. Certainly, Los Angeles and […]

Japan: Breaking Urban Expectations

By Paola Mendez, MURP ’17 Whenever I visit a new city, I try not to have many, if any, expectations of what I’ll find. I don’t want any expectations or preconceptions about the city to interfere with the way I actually experience it on the ground. In the case of Tokyo, notoriously the biggest city […]

Exploring International Work in Washington D.C.

  By Julie Wedig, MURP ’17 From the moment I stepped onto the sidewalk heading to my first meeting Monday morning over spring break in Washington, I could feel the activity of the city swirling around me. When stoplights turned to green at every intersection, it felt as though the crowd might carry me to […]

My Experience in the Capital of International Development

By Dennis Avila, MPP ’17 I had the great opportunity to visit Washington D.C. with five other classmates this past Spring Break. The trip was a unique opportunity for all of us to visit several organizations, NGOs, think tanks, etc. We also met with researchers and international development workers who shared with us their work, […]

Transit Tourism: Visiting Japan with Luskin’s Transportation and Urban Reform Study Group

By Tony Castelletto, MPP ’17 Not so long ago, I would not have considered myself a world traveler. This despite trips to Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Greece. In all of these places, I’ve had at least one language in common with the locals. I don’t speak Greek, but most Greeks actually speak English quite well […]

Applying a Global Perspective to the Social Work Field

By Brittany Woods, MSW ’17 Before beginning my final quarter in the Master of Social Welfare program at UCLA, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. and meet with various NGOs and Government agencies alongside six of my peers from the Luskin School of Public Affairs. From meeting with various divisions of the […]