Reaching the People in Zambia

By Kana Kudo, MURP candidate ’15, who interned in Lusaka, Zambia The year 2014 is an important memorial year for Lusaka and Zambia: it has been 50 years since they achieved their independence from Britain in October 2014, and the capital city, Lusaka, celebrates its centenary in July. Because of these milestones, some of the events […]

From Los Angeles to Athens: Exploring Climate Change in Mediterranean Cities

By Laurel Hunt, MURP ’14, who is Programs Manager at the Loyola Marymount University Center for Urban Resilience and Secretary of the Mediterranean City Climate Change Consortium Secretariat. Earlier this summer, with the generous support of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, the Luskin Center for Innovation, the UCLA Department of Urban and Regional […]

Getting Settled in Linapacan (Leena – pah – kahn), Palawan

Post by Katie Olson-Kenny, MURP candidate ’15, who is in the Philippines At the beginning of August, I arrived on Linapacan, a small municipality in northern Palawan. This barangay (village) San Miguel has a population estimated around 3,000 persons, though it feels closer to 300. I was the token town foreigner and, lucky for me, everyone […]

Ecosystem Services and Costa Rican Coffee

By Sean Kennedy, Urban Planning PhD student, who traveled to Costa Rica Last week – through the generous support of the Luskin School of Public Affairs and UCLA Department of Urban Planning – I was fortunate enough to attend the 7th Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica. The week-long conference attracted […]

The real work

By Christina Metz, MSW candidate ’15, in India as a visiting student at Delhi University During our second week in India, I attended orientation week for the MSW classes at the Delhi University Department of Social Work, where me and my classmates Sarah and Dawnette had a chance to attend seminars and become friends with other second-year […]

For the best of both worlds

By Jon Baskin, MSW candidate ’15, traveling to Michigan and Ontario, Canada I am in the somewhat uncommon but fortuitous position of being both an American and a Canadian. After having lived in both countries, I’ve reflected upon their similarities and differences, particularly as cultures, social systems, and ways of thinking readily cross increasingly porous […]

The resilience of people

By Christina Metz, MSW candidate ’15, in India as a visiting student at Delhi University Hello from Delhi, India! I am traveling with two classmates from the MSW program – Sarah and Dawnette – and we have had such amazing interactions in the short time that we have been here. During our first week at the […]

I’m Not There (Yet)

By Phoebe Brauer, MURP student, currently in Thailand I’m Not There (Yet) I’m not in Myanmar and I’m not working with ActionAid International. Phew! I’m glad we got that out of the way. Long story short, after many months of emailing with several organizations, plans fell through. So instead I’ve pieced together an even better […]

Helping the helpers in Vijayawada, India

By Jonathan Slakey, MPP Candidate ’15, who is working in Vijayawada, India We’re all human beings, and everyone deserves a chance to live a comfortable life free from the insecurity of finding your next meal or home. That’s what brought me to India, and the Association of Relief Volunteers (ARV).   I’ve been in Vijayawada, India for […]

India: A Bubble About to Burst

By Evelyn Ferreira, MURP ’15 It feels like India is about to burst. If there’s one way to sum up two-weeks’ worth of experiences here, it’s that the country’s cities are beyond capacity. It doesn’t take an urban planner-in training to see that. In Delhi and Hyderabad, the traffic is unbearable. Clouds of black diesel […]