Food Security and Climate Resilience Require Land Rights Reform

  By Andy Currier, MPP ’19 – Landesa and Karina Kloos – Landesa Note: This blog was originally published here For communities across the Global South, the impacts of climate change are not abstract projections but concrete realities that threaten their land and food security. In the wake of the dramatic findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, […]

The Beauty of Being 8660 Feet Above Sea Level

by Angela Garcia, MSW ’19 Arriving in Bogotà, Colombia was a unique experience, as I landed, and I took in the Colombian air a similar feeling to that of my parents’ home country of Mexico settled in. The smells of rich soil and diverse people began to overtake my senses. However, I soon realized that […]

Growing Gender Equity through Gardens in Honduras

By Michelle Einstein, MURP ’19 During the weeks I spent in Honduras, I learned a lot from meeting with local community members — about gender issues for rural farmers, the generosity of strangers, and, importantly, how to properly plant sweet potatoes. This summer, I participated as a fellow through University of California’s RIFA (Research and […]

Disaster Management in the Philippines

By Justine Anne Pascual, MURP ’20, MPH ’20 I was raised in a Filipino household, but I was the only one born in the United States. Although my parents maintained the Filipino customs at home, I wasn’t exposed to the history of the Philippines, its different cultures and languages, and the current issues they face, […]

Empowering Women in Rural Communities

By Yesenia Garcia, MSW ’19 This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be an intern with IMSS (Instituto Mexicano de Servicios Sociales), which is the social services department in Mexico. More specifically, I interned for the IMSS in the state of Zacatecas and worked with two different rural communities. These vibrant communities are one […]

New Urban Reserves in the Canadian Prairies

By Daniel Iwama, Urban Planning PhD candidate As researchers trying to understand causes of social injustice, seldom do we take repossession as a subject of inquiry. In the past few months, however, I’ve been researching the formation of new First Nations reserves in Canadian cities, and thinking a lot about how land can be given […]

On shared mobility services in Singapore

By Tomoko Kanda MURP ’19 “Shared mobility” is one of the most popular phrases  in the urban planning and transportation field these days. For most of us living in California, using Uber, Lyft or e-scooters like Bird and Lime has become a daily transportation option. These new services (Uber’s official launch in San Francisco was […]

Washington D.C. with GPA Part IV

By Yesenia Garcia, MSW ’19 During the first year of my time as an MSW graduate student, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC along the side of seven other students from the Luskin Department. We had the unique opportunity to meet various organizations (NGOs, think tanks & etc.) devoted to international development […]

Washington D.C. with GPA Part III

By Samuel Stalls, MPP ’19 The most exciting part of graduate school, for me, has been the opportunity to meet and hear from numerous bright people doing fascinating work to impact the world. One of the scariest parts of graduate school is worrying about the best path to take for my career and what employment […]

Washington D.C. with GPA Part II

By Chloe Turner, MSW ’19   On behalf of Global Public Affairs at Luskin, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC over spring break and participate in engaging conversations with several international development organizations. Through this unique experience, I learned the importance of refining specific skills geared toward the profession of global development. […]