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Finding answers where there may be no solutions

By Jason Karpman, MURP ’16 & International Practice Pathway Fellow At the outset of this blogging exercise I posed two questions that I hoped to answer during my time in Thailand: (1) given the consequences of global warming, should remaining arable land be used to grow food or plant trees?; and (2) if everything is impermanent, is […]

Dealing with Uncertainty

By Ryan Sclar, MURP ’16 & Fellow to Center for Environmental Planning & Technology University The most important part of my internship this summer is organizing, supervising, and analyzing a survey.  As I mentioned before, we’re trying to figure out why ridership on the BRT dropped. To do this we’re asking people why they are […]

Urbanization and water security in India

By Maritza Lee, MURP ’16 & International Practice Pathway Fellow Water is a fundamental natural resource to life and food security. India’s population represents more than 18% of the world’s population but only has 4% of the world’s water resources to support its population (National Water Policy, 2012). Access to water and sanitation remains a major […]