Returning from a climate conference in Mexico City, Susanna Hecht, Faculty Cluster Leader of Environment and Resources and Professor of Urban Planning, and current MURP students Alex Linz and Victor Ansley will lead a Salon titled, “Climate Change, Economic Volatility, Migration, Rural Peoples, and the Paradox of Vulnerabilities.”

In the tropics and subtropics, unlike in the temperate zone, agriculture is very much linked to forests, and indeed “forest gardens” are often the term of art for agriculture. Volatilities in prices for corn, cacau, coffee and carbon, uncertainties in the effects of climate change, and the effects of migration are really changing these systems. What does this mean for forests–now a front line defense against climate change by taking up CO2–the people who depend on them who are caught up in complex commodity and migration networks? And how might we review and think about this going forward? This has a lot of implications for migration, forest futures, forest peoples movements and planetary dynamics with a lot of complexity.

Global Public Affairs @ UCLA Luskin hosted its fourth annual Certificates Ceremony with a record number of Luskin students receiving GPA certificates. GPA Director Michael Storper and Associate Director Stephen Commins, as well as Dean Gary Segura, gave introductory remarks and celebrated the achievements of certificate students. We will miss our students, but we look forward to seeing them out in the world doing the important work of global public affairs. And to staying in touch!

Please join the GPA Management Team in congratulating all the students who completed their certificate in Global Public Affairs:


  1. Nicole Brown
  2. Shikha Jain
  3. Alexander Linz
  4. Jorge Loor
  5. Paola Mendez
  6. Louis Monteils
  7. Destiny Preston
  8. Lucero Ramos
  9. Yianeth Saenz Solis
  10. Kaitlyn Traynor
  11. Julie Wedig (2 certificates!)


  1. Dennis Avila
  2. Anthony Castelletto
  3. Regemralph Ladrazo Corpuz
  4. Diego de la Peza
  5. Chika Fukugama
  6. Philip Lee
  7. Hitomi Murakami
  8. Takashi Otomo
  9. Kelly Trumbull


  1. Breaon Beard
  2. Christina Hernandez
  3. Shaheen Modir

GPA hosted a debate over the implications of Teju Cole’s “The White Savior Industrial Complex” in the work that we do and train students for at GPA. Cole argued that “(t)he White Savior Industrial Complex is not about justice. It is about having a big emotional experience that validates privilege.”

The reason we debated this complex in a policy school at a major university is that some of what we train for can be considered part of what Cole describes as the White Savior Industrial Complex. For students who intend to go on to a career in global public affairs, it is important to think about where they want to situate their efforts. Is the critique valid? Are there specific criteria we can deploy to avoid the Complex? Should we instead work at a different level of action and policy? Should we be involved in dismantling or reforming the Complex?

The debate was moderated by Professors Michael Storper and Darin Christensen, whose introduction can be watched via Facebook.

GPA hosted Patrick Le Galès for a discussion on governance and the large metropolis, with comparative perspectives from Paris, Mexico City, São Paulo, and London.