Shafaq Choudry

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MURP ’16, International Practice Pathway Fellow

Shafaq has a multi-disciplinary background in architecture, urban planning and community-based design. She is currently earning a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of California- Los Angeles with a dual concentration in design and development and transportation policy and planning. Her interests in the built environment, streets and public space are focused on transportation and land use policies that impact health, employment and educational opportunities, safety and social behaviors in low-income neighborhoods.

Shafaq believes that inclusive planning processes coupled with progressive leadership and collaborative efforts between design, planning and government, will result in a more equitable, healthy and culturally vibrant cities.  Through the GPA program, she will be working for the City of Panamá on transportation and land use projects in neighborhoods along the first light rail in Central America. Shafaq draws inspiration from her roots in Pakistan, upbringing in Venezuela, and travels across Spain and Turkey.