Jordan Fraade

MURP ’17, International Practice Pathway Fellow

Jordan Fraade is pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at UCLA. He plans to concentrate in Transportation Policy and Planning, and his research interests include public-transit finance, political obstacles to better public transit, Bus Rapid Transit systems, and pedestrian welfare. He holds a BA in History with a minor in Spanish from Columbia University. Before moving to Los Angeles for graduate school, he was a freelance journalist in New York City covering topics including zoning, affordable housing, waterfront reclamation, and subway technology.

This summer Jordan is in Mexico City interning with CTS-EMBARQ, an NGO dedicated to promoting sustainable urban mobility. Working with the Transportation Division, he is undertaking a number of projects designed to study and improve public transit in one of the world’s most congested and exciting cities. In particular, he is helping the EMBARQ office develop an online tool to measure job accessibility based on transit-network characteristics. He is also helping to prepare transit-operations analyses in several Mexican cities and studying Metrobús, Mexico City’s 6-line BRT network. He’s eager to return to L.A. in the fall ready to apply what he’s learned.