Congratulations Class of ’18!

GPA held the 2018 Graduation Dinner on Wednesday May 30, 2018. Students were able to attend the dinner to recognize their achievement.
21 students received their GPA certificate this year.

Click here for pictures from the event!

Working With the Grain

On May 23, 2018, GPA invited Brian Levy to discuss his topics related to his new book, Working With the Grain. Students learned the importance of integrating governance and growth in development strategies.

You can see Brian Levy’s lecture presentation here

Shake Hands with the Devil: Humanitarian Health in an Inhumane World

On May 22, 2018, GPA’s very own Professor Steve Commins discussed the complexities of humanitarian work.

Policy to Results at the Sub National Level

On May 3, 2018, GPA invited Seema Manghee, international development expert, to discuss about her experiences at the IFC WB Group. “Today local governments worldwide have at least a basic understanding of what is needed to deliver safe and reliable services to the population. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to move from a policy statement to actual results.” She shared the use of Service Delivery Toolkit and Self Rating System that should be accessible to all local governments.

Find her presentation slides by clicking here

Transforming New Urban Culture

On April 30, 2018, GPA had the privilege and honor to host a lecture by Mayor Ridwan Kamil from Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is Indonesia’s third largest city. As an Architect turned Mayor, Mayor Ridwan Kamil increased efforts to build a smart city technology to improve government service. Fortune ranked him as one of 50 Greatest World Leaders.

Big Data and Commuter 

On April 18, 2018, GPA collaborated with UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies to co-host a lecture by Antoine Cormount, Cities and Digital Technology chair at the Sciences Po university in Paris. Courmont’s discussion, “Big Data and Re-composition of Urban Governance in the Digital Era: The Case of the Waze App,” focused primarily on the potential for conflict between public and private goals when firms and governments use different data sets.

See Luskin’s post for more info.

Why have some countries become more unequal than others?

On Thursday March 8, 2018, our very own Professor Michael Storper led Salon Series on why some countries become more unequal than others.  Students participated in this global discussion by reviewing the globalization and inequalities in the New World Inequality Report.

Photos by: Aaron Julian