1. Global Public Affairs (“GPA”) certificates are awarded by the Office of the Dean of the Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs (“the Dean”)
  2. The GPA certificate program is open to all graduate students (Master’s and PhD.) enrolled in the Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs.
  3. Certificates are offered in the following four cluster areas:
    1. Global Environment & Resources
    2. Global Health & Social Services
    3. Global Processes & Institutions
    4. Global Urbanization & Regional Development
  4. To earn a GPA certificate, Luskin students must complete the following criteria:
    1. Declare their intention to pursue one or more GPA certificate(s) by the start of Fall Quarter of their second year by registering through an online form;
    2. Submit a grade report in the spring quarter of each year to your designated FCL to verify progress toward declared certificate, copying their departmental Student Affairs Officer (SAO); and
    3. Successfully complete three courses (per certificate) in a teaching cluster as defined on the GPA website.
  5. A student may pursue more than one certificate.
  6. Certificate courses are drawn from the Luskin School of Public Affairs and from other units on the UCLA campus.
  7. Faculty Cluster Leaders (FCL) are appointed by the Director and Associate Director (with approval from the Dean) for a period of two years.
  8. Courses are included in each cluster at the discretion of that cluster’s FCL.
  9. FCLs organize cluster courses and secure agreement from participating faculty to include their course in the cluster.
  10. A student may seek approval for a course outside of the selection offered on the GPA website to be included in a cluster by meeting the following conditions:
    1. The student contacts the FCL prior to enrolling in the course to petition for approval;
    2. The student provides the course syllabus to FCL for review and approval;
    3. The FCL provides written approval or denial to the student, copying the GPA Director & Associate Director; and
    4. The student requests the PTE # from the course instructor.
  11. Only regular course offerings at the graduate level can, at the present time, be considered for credit toward a certificate.
  12. To summarize, interested Luskin students should register for a GPA Certificate through an online form, and successfully complete at least 3 courses in 1 of the 4 clusters to receive a certificate.