Randall Kuhn


Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

Home Department: Community Health Sciences

Areas of Interest

Statistical evaluation of health interventions at local and global scales; health and development; migration; forecasting; global health; survey design; analysis of administrative data; South Asia and Middle East





Randall Kuhn (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1999) is a demographer and sociologist who employs a wide array of research methods and data to study the social determinants of health, health program evaluation, and the health-development nexus. He has conducted seminal research on the impacts of migration on health. In Bangladesh, he leads a 35-year evaluation of the effects of randomized child and reproductive health interventions on health and socioeconomic change across generations. His cross-national research and forecasts explore the effectiveness of global health policies and the role of improvements in health as a driver of social and political change. Kuhn’s methodological expertise includes longitudinal data analysis, experimental and quasi-experimental research design, forecasting, and novel uses of administrative data.

As Director of the Global Health Affairs Program at the University of Denver, Kuhn developed an innovative curriculum for applied decision-making and program design in global health. He tripled enrollments, placed graduates at leading global health agencies, and built a programmatic emphasis on the health and human rights of disabled, LGBTQ, indigenous, and migrant populations as an essential component of achieving global health justice and equity for all. Kuhn founded the Goal 18 campaign for inclusive UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Selected Research

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