Sociology 285C: Gender and International Migration

Quarter: Winter 2017
Instructor: Gail Kligman Gail Kligman

“Gender and migration” has increasingly become a focus of critical inquiry in the study of international migration. And according to many scholars, journalists, and policy makers, international migration has increasingly been feminized. In this seminar, we will explore the gendering of migration, what motivates men and women to migrate across borders, and whether and how they experience international migration similarly or differently. To get at these issues, we will consider various forms of labor migration. Among the topics we will discuss are diverse approaches to the study of gender and international migration, macro and micro aspects of the global service economy and gendered work opportunities and constraints, the role of social networks in the migration process, the effects of international migration on gender relations within migrant families—if and how, for example, women may or may not be empowered-- as well as intergenerational roles and relationships, and marriage migration and citizenship. Readings are drawn largely from different global contexts and an interdisciplinary social science literature.