Fall 2020 | HIST C201W – Topics in History: World: Genocide in World History: Case Studies and Historical Methods

Quarter: Fall 2020
Instructor: Madley

Mass murder of specific populations is recurring theme in world history. Examination of genocide phenomenon through reading, discussion, book review writing, presentation, and creation of historiography or research paper. Consideration of definitions before addressing how to write essay about genocide. Examination of genocides in U.S., California, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Case discussions reference genocidal intent, motives, ideologies, rationality/irrationality, legal frameworks, killing processes, resistance, survival, post-genocidal justice, and memory; as well as genocide detection, prevention, and intervention. Study addresses six questions at heart of genocide studies: what genocide is; why it happens; why people participate and whether they have choice; why it takes distinctive forms; how and why genocides end; and how one writes genocide history.