Is Globalization in Trouble? Comments from the GPA Salon

On February 9th, Urban Planning Professor Michael Storper hosted our first Global Processes and Institutions “salon” of the year. Salons are informal discussions between faculty cluster leaders and students regarding current global debates. With approximately twenty students in attendance (not to mention excellent food), discussion focused on a variety of topics related to globalization including:

  1. Borders – In the context of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, how has the idealism of European border policies been placed under pressure? How are countries responding?

  2. China – Is the world’s most populous country encountering a middle-income “trap” as it shifts from a manufacturing to service-based economy?

  3. Victims of Globalization – How have populist political leaders galvanized support among those who have benefitted least in the global economy?

  4. Internet Connectivity and Social Media – What does the post-colonial “idea space” look like? How have dangerous groups (i.e. ISIS) utilized social media to attract followers?

  5. COP21 – What are the main takeaways from the 2015 Paris Climate Conference? Has this ushered in a new form of global problem solving?

With a diverse range of perspectives in the room, the conversation was lively as students grappled with these pressing questions. 

Our next Salon will occur on February 22nd, 2016. The salon will be hosted by our faculty cluster leaders in the Global Urbanization and Regional Development cluster, along with guest Jorja Leap, Adjunct Professor in Social Welfare. Please refer to our events page for more details on all GPA programming.

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