About Fieldwork - The International Practice Pathway

The International Practice Pathway is a global gateway for students in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs who are committed to working with local and international communities whose lives are negatively affected by various political, economic, and environmental processes. An integral part of the GPA @ UCLA Luskin initiative, the IPP has the following goals:

Program Goals:

  1. To prepare students to work with local and global communities by providing cross-disciplinary orientation in such international issues as urban planning, social welfare, public policy, economics, administration, public health and environmental sciences.
  2. To prepare practitioners who are qualified to work in diverse settings by providing hands-on experience in research and practice in international environments.
  3. To assist students in developing their international professional networks, including locating internship/fieldwork sites and research opportunities.
  4. To attract and enroll the country’s top applicants to the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and to equip these students to be global leaders in their chosen fields.