Global Public Affairs @ UCLA Luskin is the Luskin School of Public Affairs' initiative to address a range of issues of global concern.

GPA @ UCLA Luskin is a teaching program through which Luskin students can access an extensive array of global public affairs courses across the UCLA campus and receive certificates in global public affairs, in addition to their degree.

GPA @ UCLA Luskin involves research, professional pathways abroad, and faculty and student exchange opportunities with global public affairs programs at universities abroad.

GPA @ UCLA Luskin is a public square for UCLA students and faculty who work on global public affairs, convening an interdisciplinary community of world-class faculty who are recognized for their expertise on global public affairs.

This website is under construction. Be sure to visit us in January 2014 for the new Global Public Affairs @ UCLA Luskin website, featuring more on: Our Global Campus, Faculty Research, Luskin Students in the Field, Global Public Affairs Debates, and Featured Global Public Affairs Events, among others.